At it's core, Gathyr is an app that won't let you miss out on anything at your events. 

For our initial launch we are creating a social media aggregate app that combines posts and pictures from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram via a hashtag. You can also post to any of these social media sites from within Gathyr, again without having to keep several open. That means you can experience and interact with what is happening around you through those apps without having to juggle several at once.  

Gathyr also offers a seamless way to share pictures with everyone around you. You can take photos in app and share them as you like. Our image view lets you see all the pictures that have been taken at your event from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The driving principle behind Gathyr is that the usability of the app is of paramount importance,  We want you to use the app while you are out with friends, at concerts, work conferences.  Any place you might be, where you want to make sure you don't miss out on anything that is happening.