We Are Gathyr

A Gathyr is an assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one or one held for a specific purpose. We have these every day. Some are weddings, and others are business conferences, planned for months and hopefully remembered for a long time after.

Some gatherings are more low-key. You invite a group of friends over for a nice dinner on a Friday night, or you head to the lake for a nice weekend with your roommates. These take a little less planning, but the memories are just as important.

It doesn’t matter if the group is 5 or 5,000. It doesn’t matter if you plan for hours, months or years. This is your life, and it is made for plenty of gatherings along the way. You deserve a way to have these memories available to you, shared with the people you are spending your time with.

That is where we come in.

Gathyr is a platform that allows for you to connect, in real time, with the people around you both physically and digitally. Even after the event has ended you have a way to connect with the people there, re-live the event with messages and pictures, and illustrate your gathering for anyone to see.

In this age your physical footprint is interwoven with the digital one we have online, and Gathyr is the perfect mix. What you post online is part of who you are, and Gathyr gives you a simple and easy way to connect digitally to make sure you are not missing out on what's happening around you.