Hashtag Problems

Why can’t I look up several hashtags at once? It’s a simple request, isn’t it?

Yes, with certain supplementary websites and applications, there are ways to follow multiple hashtags at once, but you can’t do it in the same place. For example, I tried to follow the Oscars this past year, and there were several trending hashtags: #Oscars2015, #Oscars15, #oscarsredcarpet and #TheOscars.

I’m quite a bit of a lurker when it comes to my personal social media usage. For something like the Oscars, I like seeing the information, reading articles, assessing the fashion and knowing who won. But it’s a bit difficult when so much information is pouring in at once. Between switching hashtags and scrolling through tweets to find ones I cared about I started to wish I had cable and could just watch in real time while fiddling with Imgur.

But I’m a millennial. Between Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Spotify I fulfill my media needs. My life of entertainment is housed on my phone and my computer. My news comes from my BBC app or Gizmodo. For entertainment I pop over to Buzzfeed or the aforementioned Imgur. To organize, I keep Mint and my Google Calendar updated. Basically if I have a question or a problem, there’s an app for that.

So why can’t I follow a few hashtags at the same time? This is one of the problems we’re solving with Gathyr. Even if you don’t want to use it across social platforms or use it to better connect and contribute to the conversation, you input as many hashtags as you want to follow concerts, award shows, concerts or any other event in real time.

If you only want to see what’s happening on Twitter, you can. But you can also use those hashtags to pull in posts from Facebook and Instagram. Me, I’m a sucker for pictures. I spend most of my time with the prototype looking through photos being posted. But that’s the point of Gathyr. You can use it how you want to.

As always, feel free to get in touch with us. If you’ve got an idea for us, a critique or a good dad joke we’d love to hear from you.